An Enlightening Learning Experience

I initially chose to take this course in the hopes to expand on my limited knowledge of black history in America. Over the years the most information I obtained on the subject was briefly and vaguely in history classes and during the month of February when the same basic facts about obligatory figures would be read during class for Black History Month. After reflecting on the events of the past few years and realizing how history has begun repeating itself, I understand that I need to begin educating myself on said history. In the past few weeks I have learned more about black history in general than I ever have in elementary and high school. Learning that Africans were not exactly snatched up by white people and that Abraham Lincoln is not the hero I was taught to believe was extremely eye opening. It is also very enlightening reading the personal experiences of Equiano being taken from his tribe and the thoughts and feelings of “the tribe of the Middle Passage” on their return to Africa. Overall, I am enjoying the class very much and am looking forward to future lessons.

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