Week 4

W 4 Feb 6-8

T- Secession & the Civil War & Emancipation

Read: Apostles of Disunion, primary sources

1. What is significant about the date (December 1860) of the two documents? How do the commissioners portray Abraham Lincoln and the North in the appeals? What are the some of the fears of white southerners?

2. What is the overarching thesis of the appeals from the commissioners from Mississippi and Alabama? What evidence or points do the commissioners use to develop their thesis/argument over the length of the letters? Identify at least two quotes that reflect or represent this development and the overarching thesis.

R-The Civil War:

Documents: Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln’s Delaware Emancipation Bill, November 1861 (context); A Plea For Compensated Emancipation, March 1862The_President_to_Congressional_Representatives_from_Border_States_July_12_1862;Address_on_Colonization_to_a_Committee_of_Colored_Men, August 14, 1862; Lincoln’s exchange w/Horace Greeley, August 22, 1862. Greeley’s letter (skim).

What is the argument of each document? What does it tell us about the goals and objectives of Abe Lincoln?