CCSS starts tiny house construction In Detroit

Cass community Social Services has kick started their plan to construct 25 “Tiny homes” on their 2.5 block plot of land on Detroit’s west side. This will be great for the city of Detroit because the idea behind the tiny homes project is to help Low income families or individuals specifically the homeless be able to afford to keep a roof over their heads. Cities across America have began to take the steps to develop tiny home districts for their low income communities. The difference in Detroit is it is the first city to do more then simply rent out the homes for a low price, they have set in place homeownership options. Having homeownership options allows for ¬†individuals to own these homes without a mortgage. In lieu of a mortgage tenants pay off the house month to month for the price of a dollar per square foot. This will give people with low income the ability to not only independently pay for their own home, but it will also provide them with the opportunity to acquire wealth and improve their current situation. in The City of Detroit black people make up 49% of the homeless population. This tiny homes project has the potential to drastically raise the economic standing of the black community in the city of Detroit.

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