The Black Panther breaks Saudi Arabia’s cinema ban

Saudi Arabia has opened first public theater since the late 1970s. on April 18th 2018 in the countries capital city of Riyadh they opened with the showing of Marvels Black Panther this ended Saudi Arabia’s public cinema ban which was in action for nearly 4 decades. The new theater is operated by American based AMC Theaters and is the first of 40 theaters the country plans to open in the next 5 years. Even before this Ground breaking impact The Black Panther secured its spot in the history books being Marvels first and long over due movie with a black super hero as well as its record breaking accolades like having the fifth largest opening weekend in history, being marvels top grossing film ever and surpassing the titanic to be the third highest grossing movie in the history of the United States. So being the first movie played in theaters in Saudi Arabia in 37 years is another major accomplishment for this movie.


Racist Prom Proposal

Seeing this blowing up on Twitter, I was appalled. This picture demonstrates a high school boy standing outside with a what is called a “promposal sign.”Many times, individuals will come up with creative ways to ask their date to prom, but this boy took it way too far. Slavery was no joking matter as it effected the lives of many individuals, so to think this boy humorously passed it off as one is terrible. He most likely did this to obtain attention on social media. It is like he did not know what has occurred in the past, and as if he does not know that racism still goes on today. Him contributing to racism makes me feel like the school should not let him go to prom as he clearly is not educated and probably thought this was a funny poster. Things like this need to stop because even retweeting a picture of this sort contributes to the racist ways are society still continues to be.

The Effects of the UDC

The UDC or The United Daughters of the Confederation played a large role in the attempt to preserve southern culture. To preserve this culture they were involved in the reshaping of children’s views of the civil war and the production of Confederate soldier monuments. The UDC put up these monuments in order to make sure that after their loss their history and culture does not disappear. The southerners who supported the Confederacy wanted their interpretation of the civil war to be taught throughout history, this interpretation was known as the Lost Cause. One way they attempted to instill these beliefs into society, besides putting up monuments, was to modify school textbooks. The members of the UDC knew that the children were their future and that if they got them learn about the Lost Cause then they will pass on their beliefs to future generations to come. Mildred Lewis Rutherford, a renowned figure of the UDC, wrote and censored textbooks to legitimize the efforts of the Confederacy. From this The Children of the Confederacy was born. This organization consisted of children under the age 18 who are descendants of honorable Confederate soldiers. These and other children who learn from these textbooks and women have grown up to think just as the UDC wants them to and some become lawyers, lawmakers, police officers, teachers, etc., who end up contributing to institutionalized racism which still continues to affect us today.

“Slavery was a choice”-Kanye West

Over the past couple days celebrity and highly successful artist Kanye West has made very controversial statements. Maybe the most controversial was his statement regarding slavery as choice for it’s victims. This sadly was not a joke and as a African American who’s family has traced back ancestry to slaves, the only choice slaves had was death or servitude, and that choice was often made by their masters. The struggle that slaves had to go through from rape of the woman, to murder of the men, and all the kids witnessing both, there was no happiness or benefit. They had no choice but to keep going and continue there life under the fist of evil men, of hope one day they may be free, and some came to the realization there was no hope and ended their own lives. It is disappointing as an 18 year old to find someone older who should be a role model, a example of what to be, is with all the money in the world doing nothing but enabling prejudice, and hateful citizens of America who denounce and deny slavery, and gloss over it. To see another African- American make such comments and feel no regret, is unbelievable and disgusting. Civil Rights legends who died and are still alive didn’t make the sacrifices they did for us say things such as this. It spits in the face of there sacrifices and success.

Malcom X vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

The two most notable figures in Civil Rights History are Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. Two great leaders, amazing orators, highly educated warriors for equality, but complete opposites in ways to achieve it. Malcom X was known as militant, defending yourself by any means necessary, calling out black leaders that aren’t true to the cause. MLK Jr. was known for nonviolence, turn the other cheek, peaceful protests, marches, overturning legislation. Both never came together before being assassinated, and were actually at odds. Their contrasting views divided followers and even to this day some will pick one over the other. One plight that black people must overcome is the failure to completely unite, and put aside envy/jealousy and come together, something even the movements greatest leaders didn’t do. It is one thing to find one more relatable but still both should be celebrate, revered, and appreciated for what they have done and the jewels they left behind long after there deaths.