Malcom X vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

The two most notable figures in Civil Rights History are Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. Two great leaders, amazing orators, highly educated warriors for equality, but complete opposites in ways to achieve it. Malcom X was known as militant, defending yourself by any means necessary, calling out black leaders that aren’t true to the cause. MLK Jr. was known for nonviolence, turn the other cheek, peaceful protests, marches, overturning legislation. Both never came together before being assassinated, and were actually at odds. Their contrasting views divided followers and even to this day some will pick one over the other. One plight that black people must overcome is the failure to completely unite, and put aside envy/jealousy and come together, something even the movements greatest leaders didn’t do. It is one thing to find one more relatable but still both should be celebrate, revered, and appreciated for what they have done and the jewels they left behind long after there deaths.

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