“Slavery was a choice”-Kanye West

Over the past couple days celebrity and highly successful artist Kanye West has made very controversial statements. Maybe the most controversial was his statement regarding slavery as choice for it’s victims. This sadly was not a joke and as a African American who’s family has traced back ancestry to slaves, the only choice slaves had was death or servitude, and that choice was often made by their masters. The struggle that slaves had to go through from rape of the woman, to murder of the men, and all the kids witnessing both, there was no happiness or benefit. They had no choice but to keep going and continue there life under the fist of evil men, of hope one day they may be free, and some came to the realization there was no hope and ended their own lives. It is disappointing as an 18 year old to find someone older who should be a role model, a example of what to be, is with all the money in the world doing nothing but enabling prejudice, and hateful citizens of America who denounce and deny slavery, and gloss over it. To see another African- American make such comments and feel no regret, is unbelievable and disgusting. Civil Rights legends who died and are still alive didn’t make the sacrifices they did for us say things such as this. It spits in the face of there sacrifices and success.

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