The Black Panther breaks Saudi Arabia’s cinema ban

Saudi Arabia has opened first public theater since the late 1970s. on April 18th 2018 in the countries capital city of Riyadh they opened with the showing of Marvels Black Panther this ended Saudi Arabia’s public cinema ban which was in action for nearly 4 decades. The new theater is operated by American based AMC Theaters and is the first of 40 theaters the country plans to open in the next 5 years. Even before this Ground breaking impact The Black Panther secured its spot in the history books being Marvels first and long over due movie with a black super hero as well as its record breaking accolades like having the fifth largest opening weekend in history, being marvels top grossing film ever and surpassing the titanic to be the third highest grossing movie in the history of the United States. So being the first movie played in theaters in Saudi Arabia in 37 years is another major accomplishment for this movie.


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