Comedy as a Relief Mechanism

The video attached is from a Key and Peele sketch, NegroTown. Key and Peele are comedians known for their social satirical abilities and ability to bring humor to any strong debate. In this particular sketch, “a black man who’s stopped by the police discovers that there’s a place to escape racism: Negrotown.” Although portrayed for comedic purposes, the sketch does a great job of exposing the daily struggles many blacks face in America, as well as, where Negrotown is believed to be versus were it’s actually at. I find this interesting because of the role comedy has historically played in the oral storytelling of black history in North America. Comedians today are not shy to make jokes in regard to strong political issues because it makes it a easier pill to swallow.

Although I will say, the video does have some inappropriate language, viewer discretion is advised.

Key & Peele – NegroTown Video