Rosa Clemente

This past Wednesday Rosa Clemente, a comunity organizer, journalist, hip hop activist, and 2008 Green Party Vice Presidential running mate of  Cynthia McKinney.  She divided into subjects ranging from her time of being a poor Black Puerto Rican in the South Bronx to moving  one of the the richest suburbs in the country. The new environment gave her better opportunities and a chance that none of her family members never got, a college education.

She was able to get a degree in African American Studies at the University of Albany and went on to Cornell University. She used her education to take on journalism and write about the injustices hurting the black and brown communities in the United States. When visiting Puerto Rice, she witnessed the terrible conditions hidden in the country. Dilapidated houses, no electricity, a poor economy,  and hurricanes repeatedly touching down and destroying communities.  The poor conditions for Clemente was shocking as she didn’t expect a country supposedly part of the United States would be ignored.

Clemente also talked about her time organizing for #BlackLivesMatter protests such as for Michael Brown.  She remembered at one point police officers had pointed guns at her and her friends at the rally. That was a point she realized the dangers of protesting in America.  Her talk was very informative and inspiring as you could feel the passion in her activism and the good she is trying to instill in our society 

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