First Round NFL Draft Pick is a Racist?

After a year of racial controversy in the NFL with the national anthem protests, a new incident has risen. Last Wednesday on the eve of the NFL draft Yahoo sports unearthed tweets from the projected number one overall pick, Josh Allen’s past. In high school he posted racially insensitive and offensive tweets toward African Americans and other minority groups. Phrases such as “white is right,” were used. The interesting thing is that some think a team that had a later draft pick leaked the tweets so that Allen would drop and they could take him. The Browns who had the first and fourth overall pick chose to pass on Allen, the top ranked quarterback in the draft with both picks and took Baker Mayfield first overall. Allen was still on the board for the seventh pick which is when the Bills decided to make a move and trade picks with the Buccaneers to get Allen. While he was still drafted in the first round the tweets definitely hurt his draft stock. Now the question is how will his new Bills teammates, specifically his African American teammates react to his presence as he is expected to be a starter and even a face for the organization. A team leader for the Bills, Lorenzo Alexander said that Allen would need to address the tweets but didn’t want to condemn him for something he said as a teenager. Alexander said he is going to extend Grace to Allen and give him the chance to prove he is a good guy; however, Alexander said some of his teammates may not be so forgiving.

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