The White Rebellion

This was a very interesting article as it explored concepts that I have never thought about. It discussed the belief that Trump was solely elected based on the fact that White dominancy needed to be restored. It began to mention an interview of a young Trump in which he explained he would rather be a well-educated African American rather than a well-educated White individual. This was not taken literally as Trump did not actually wish to be black, but instead, he was expressing a white resentment of anyone encroaching on white privileges. Trump has always been one to support white supremacy and patriarchy, and so individualsĀ  who also believed in these things thought Trump was their last hope to go back to the ways when Whites dominated over African Americans. Especially with the fact that the white population decreasing, whilst ethnic groups are on the rise, individuals that believe that whites should have power over blacks knew someone needed to be in charge that had the same views. Trump had the ability to embody and project the worries that white Americans should face, making many individuals also believe that this was a major problem that needed to be fixed. Individuals who believe in white vulnerability and racial resentment knew that Trump was their only hope in to getting what their real wishes were. Individuals who think that Trump was elected solely based on economic anxiety is a false thought.There was even an analysis that proved that racial resentment is the driving force of economic anxiety. So, all in all, Trump was not elected for economic reasons, instead, he was elected to please white supremacists.

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