No, black people are not the same

Tommy Hawkins explains how not all Black culture is the same. Hawkins is appalled that people still group all Black people into the same category. Hawkins gives some examples from his experience and writes that it is up to all cultures of Blacks to correct people when they make this mistake of “being black”.

I have definitely seen this idea throughout the media. Black people in the United States are either grouped into African-American or African. Even though there are so many different cultures of Black that do not fit in these two categories i.e. Haitian, Jamaican, or Afro-Latino. Even within these different cultures people are not all the same they come from different socio-economic backgrounds, different cities, share different experiences etc. Making everybody with Black skin the same needs to be stopped. Everyone, has their own unique ideas, perspectives, and cultures. Some, cultures may overlap or be similar, but saying one culture is the exact same is not correct.

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